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Domain History of whonsetlerandjohnson.com

By Clair B. Norton

About whonsetlerandjohnson.com

The whonsetlerandjohnson.com is a Florida-based law firm that was built in July 1997 with the support of medical malpractice insurance carriers serving specialists and medical care facilities in the States of Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Florida. This dynamic law firm consisted of professional lawyers that are trained in litigation and trial work and have extensive experience in the areas of medical malpractice defense, long-term care defense, civil rights litigation, employment discrimination, and worker’s compensation cases.

Whonsetler & Johnson, PLLC may be young, but it is continuously growing to meet the demands and has remained committed to protecting the rights of its clients. The firm’s attorneys have been recognized as top lawyers in these fields of expertise, and they are regularly consulted by their peers regarding the most effective methods of handling these sensitive cases. To read other related news, visit Accident Attorney News.

Services offered on whonsetlerandjohnson.com

Whonsetler & Johnson, PLLC offers a wide range of services that solely focus on Medical Malpractice Defense, Long-Term Care, Civil Rights/Employment. 

With the firm’s broad experience in Medical Malpractice Defense, the lawyers are focused on offering legal protection to doctors, clinics, hospitals, and other medical care providers as well as physicians in large-scale lawsuits. The firm ensures that each lawyer is medically knowledgeable and maintains an extensive medical library. They work closely with registered nurses as their legal assistants in order to provide a thorough examination of their potential clients. 

Whonsetler and Johnson also has a team for Long-Term Care, focusing on abuse and neglect cases involving nursing homes, assisted living centers, independent senior residences, and residential care facilities. The firm’s multidisciplinary team of attorneys and medical professionals holds years of experience in handling such matters.  

Moreover, the lawyers in this firm have also been involved in the defense of civil rights and employment-related claims, having litigated cases involving allegations of excessive force, denial of medical treatment, unconstitutional jail conditions, malicious prosecution, abuse of process, wrongful termination, and discrimination in the workplace in both state and federal courts. These lawyers from Whonsetler & Johnson, PLLC have gone through different seminars with an end goal to teach these professionals on government and state social equality and work law, subsequently keeping away from the unnecessary cases.

History of whonsetlerandjohnson.com

A team of professional lawyers, with Scott P. Whonsetler as the Managing Director and Craig L. Johnson as his partner, decided to come up with building this law firm to support different clients in the United State, specifically in the States of Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Florida. Whonsetler & Johnson, PLLC was then built in 1997 together with their passion for helping their clients and the support of several medical practitioners, who were then experiencing medical malpractice with their insurances.

From then on forward, the firm has been growing and has been able to represent many clients mainly supporting these health care insurance holders some of which are Scottsdale (National Casualty Insurance Company), The Medical Protective Insurance Company, and Kentucky Insurance Guaranty Association. 

In February 2012, Scott P. Whonsetler ranked as #1 Most Prolific Trial Attorney for 2011 by the Kentucky Trial Court Reporter for the second year in a row.  Robert A. Ott also made the list of Most Prolific Trial Attorneys for 2011 and was ranked 10th. The law firm was ranked 6th of Most Prolific Trial Law Firms, too. 

As the years go by, Scott P. Whonsetler and Craig L. Johnson were joined by a couple of lawyers, David A. Zika, Christopher T. Coburn, James N. Martin, Jr., Michael F. Arnold, and M. Tyler Reynolds, who also offers different expertise in the field of Medical Defense, Long-Term Care, Civil Rights/Employment. Along with these professional lawyers, the team works with registered nurses to ensure the high caliber of information in the medical field. 

Scott P. Whonsetler and his team of professional lawyers with their extensive years of experience are consistently learning with the use of technology and maintaining a broad medical database. The Whonsetler & Johnson firm has been established in the community for more than a decade. They practice law with integrity and handle each case with the same level of care that their clients have come to expect. The Whonsetler & Johnson website is an example of how they keep illustrative costs to a minimum and yet arm their lawyers with the appropriate teaching tools for quality presentation. This is achieved by using carefully selected images that are legally relevant.

Here at Whonsetler & Johnson, PLLC, we understand that in today’s cut-throat competition, it is almost impossible to survive in the market the way it is. Whonsetler & Johnson, PLLC is dedicated to providing its services to more potential clients, hence, the whonsetlerandjohnson.com was launched. It is always a good decision to join hands with fields experts who will help us to achieve our goals.

The firm’s main goal is to serve its clients with high quality, responsible to fulfill its role in their defense, and a high level of ethics. We will always ensure that our client’s demands are our top priority, and the lawyers will be committed every step of the way. 

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