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Domain History of washingtonnursinghomeabuse.com

By Clair B. Norton

About the Website washingtonnursinghomeabuse.com

The website washingtonnursinghomeabuse.com was created for the law firm of Schroeter, Goldmark & Bender. The website was designed by Scorpion Design Internet Marketing Experts. The colors on the website were very eye-catching and there were also photos that brought to life the slogans that are found on the homepage.

Once a visitor opens the page, they would a moving slogan that said “Putting clients first, Our dedication shows in the results we achieve” and there was an option below to click on “Our Core Beliefs” where the visitor would be able to read about what the firm believes in. Another slogan on the homepage says, “We know the right steps to take, when you know things just aren’t right, we’ll listen” and under this line, there was an option to choose to click “TALK TO US” and this would enable the visitor to read more about how the lawyers of the firm are able to help. To read other related articles, visit Accident Attorney News.

Scrolling down, the visitor would be able to read about how the lawyers of the firm would be able to help. The lawyers were working with Washington nursing home abuse attorneys. The lawyers took pride in being able to get results for their clients and making sure the victims receive the compensation they deserved.

The website also had the firm’s practice areas which covered a lot of areas related to elder abuse and nursing home abuse. The website also contained a form that the client may be able to use when navigating the page. The visitor may also be able to see the lawyers of the firm on the homepage.

On the website’s banner, the visitor would be able to see the firm’s logo and the navigation button. The banner’s color was black and it contained the firm’s contact number, too.

Services on washingtonnursinghomeabuse.com

On the website, the visitor would be met with a beautifully designed website. It contained a lot of information about what the lawyers at Schroeter, Goldmark & Bender do. When the visitor hovered over the banner, it would zoom out and give the visitor options about what might seem interesting for them to read. Upon clicking the homepage, the visitor would be redirected to the landing page and would be able to find an introduction to the firm and what they do.

Upon clicking on the “Attorneys” option the visitor would be able to see the profiles of the attorneys at the SGB firm. The website said that SGB was a team of experienced Washington elder abuse lawyers who were committed to protecting the rights of the vulnerable. The attorneys under the firm were Thomas Breen, Kristin Houser, Anne Kysar, Rebecca Roe, Sim Weymuller, Sandra Widlan, and Kathy Goater.

Clicking on the “Nursing home abuse” button, the visitor would find information about the types of nursing home abuse claims that SGB handles. These included alienation, exploitation, malnutrition, improper restraints, failure to assist, neglect, bedsores, failure to diagnose/treat, overmedicating, death, falls, sexual abuse, elder abuse, and loss of limb or eye.

Lastly, if the visitor clicked on “Contact Us” they would be redirected to a page where they would find the phone numbers of SGB. It also included their address as well as the form that was also seen on the homepage. The visitor was allowed to use the form to send an email directly to SGB and schedule an appointment.

On the homepage, there were links that showed the law firm’s practice areas. These areas were all related to nursing home abuse and clicking on a link would show the visitor more information about the topic they clicked on. It was very helpful since there were a lot of topics under nursing home abuse. Giving the visitor options about what might suit them best made the website easier to use.

About Schroeter Goldmark & Bender

Schroeter Goldmark & Bender was founded in 1969. They had over 45 years of experience and their lawyers have fought hard for victims of negligence in nursing homes. They wanted to make an impact on the community by holding negligent parties accountable. SGB was one of the largest injury firms in the state of Washington. They were also known for their trial experience, passion for justice, results, and advocacy.

They also offered free consultations for their clients. SGB encouraged those who have loved ones who suffered injuries due to nursing home abuse to reach out. The lawyers at SGB wanted to help their clients understand and learn more about their cases. They also had a chat option on the website and this allowed visitors to ask their questions or schedule a consultation.

SGB took pride in being one of the top injuries first in the Pacific Northwest, and their team earned a reputation as hard-working and dedicated attorneys. They understood how important it was to have a lawyer who could help the client seek compensation for the injuries they suffered.

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