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Domain History of russforus2020.com

By Clair B. Norton

About The Website Russforus2020.com

The website Russfor2020 was a website created for the campaign of a political candidate for the 2020 USA elections, Russ Cirincione. Upon opening the website, one would see a photo of the candidate and a list of the platforms he was looking to work on during his time if he ends up being elected. On the website, one would see writing that said “Russ is a problem-solver with a track record of success and is fighting for bold new ideas, like Green New Deal, Medicare for All, Universal Basic Income, Lower Property Taxes, and Economic & Racial Justice and more.” 

Scrolling down, you would see an instruction on how one can vote during the 2020 US election. The website included Mr. Cirincione’s policies that he promised to fight for. This included Universal Basic Income. For this, the candidate has said poverty must be ended and provide peace of mind for every American. This would mean $2,000 per month for adults and $500 for each child.  

It was also mentioned on the website that the then-current representative, corporate democrat Frank Pallone, does not support the Universal Basic Income movement.  Cirincione also wanted to provide Universal Health Coverage to every American for the lowest price possible. He said that for an average New Jerseyan, a Medicare-for-All would save the average New Jerseyan over 3 thousand dollars and help them take care of their needs. 

The website also contained a lot of options on how one could support Mr. Cirincione’s campaign. One would be able to see his endorsements, his top 4 issues, and how one can donate or volunteer for the campaign. There was also the option to check how they could vote by mail or how they could vote in person. To read other related articles, visit Accident Attorney News.

Services on the russfor2020.com

On the website, one would see options to read about Mr. Cirincione, or read about the issues he wanted to advocate for. There was also an option to shop for merchandise that would be able to help support the campaign of the politician. There was also an option to read about how one can vote and volunteer.  

When you click on the About button at the top of the page, it would take you to another page where you could read more about the candidate. It was written by Mr. Cirincione himself and it talked about his early life and his education. It also explained what he was currently doing as a government attorney. 

Aside from that, when you click on the Issues page, you will be taken to another page that discusses what Mr. Cirincione would like to work on when he is elected. That included coronavirus and pandemic response, racial justice for all, expanding and improving Medicare for all, universal basic income, a green new deal, canceling student loan debt & free college, ending corruption, lower property taxes in New Jersey, a living wage, and more.

On the website, you would also see an option to shop. In here, you would see merchandise that you could purchase and help support Mr. Ciricione’s campaign.

About Russell Cirincione

Russell Cirincione is a father and a public servant. He was a government attorney who fought for housing justice. He wanted to dedicate his career to helping people with affordable housing. He drafted laws and passed one in 2019. The law protected tenants from predatory lending practices. Cirincione was also an environmental activist. He worked with grassroots movements that helped shut down new fossil fuel pipelines. 

Cirincione would also want to help with underfunded schools and teachers who spend their own money on school supplies. He’s fought for an increase in the federal education budget so that teachers wouldn’t have to spend their own money on supplies. He also actively worked in the community and supported advocacies like keeping the water supply clean for everyone.

Along with his team, Mr. Cirincione also canvassed a township that would go 100% renewable energy by 2035. He worked with many renewable energy projects and worked to stop companies from further destroying nature and natural resources. 

Russell Cirincione was born on Staten Island but was living in New Jersey at the time of the campaign. His father used to own a small business in Sayreville. Mr. Cirincione used to spend a lot of time in his father’s shop. He attended college at Seton Hall in New Jersey and graduated in 2009 when the market crashed. 

Russell Cirincione then went to law school because he wanted to understand how to navigate the legal system. He chose to defend affordable housing and tenants’ rights in court. Mr. Cirincione said that a strong representation for the people was needed in Congress. He also said that the influence of big money must be ended and to not let corporations and lobbyists influence any legislative decision. He wanted to create a system that listened to the people. A system that cared about protecting and empowering everyone. 

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